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HD Production Services (Private & Commercial)

If you aren't promoting your business interests via 720p and 1080i HD videos your marketing stategy is not current. Creating consumer impressions via HD marketing campaigns provides your company, products and/or services with additional branding and revenue opportunities.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Graphic Production
  • HD Hand-held Filming
  • HD Indoor Filming
  • HD Outdoor Filming
  • HD Shoulder-mounted Filming
  • HD Video Sharing Social Media Optimization
  • HD Video Sharing, Video Hosting/Platforms & Streaming Media
  • HD Live Webcasts
  • Music Tracks
  • & More!

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Here UTubeConsulting.com shoots an HD (720p widescreen) hand-held shot for client Earth Echoes which sells exotic reptiles and reptile supplies in downtown Toronto. The video, feauring the beautiful Diamondback Terrapin Turtle, was edited with graphics and background music and then uploaded at YouTube.com to create more local and online consumer impressions via social media marketing. Videos can then be posted on owners website or their accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, etc creating thousands more consumer impressions via viral marketing. Enjoy!

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HD Video Production Services