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UTubeConsulting.com is a different eMedia company. = )

UTubeConsulting.com was conceived and founded in 2007 with a mandate to maximize financial return and social good with our social media consulting business model.  UTube's global strategy is inextricably linked to the deliberate inclusion of the public interest into all corporate decision making, and the honoring of a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

UTube CSR Model & Partner: LivingALifeOfVictory.org

UTubeConsulting's corporate social responsibility model and partner is LivingALifeOfVictory.org.

UTubeConsulting will divert 10% of all annual net-profit to LivingALifeOfVictory.org which in turn will serve four social groups throughout the world with timely resources.

Global Starving Children Starving Children Worldwide

North American Homeless North American Homeless (see our Homeless Gift Card Victory Campaign)

North American Indians North American Indians

People of Africa People of Africa

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